Our Vision
A satoshi (unit of bitcoin) in the digital pocket of every individual around the world.
Our Mission
To enable stress-free investments of bitcoin and other digital assets.
Our Team
Just a group of people working to bring back financial power to the average Joe.
Our Promise
You won't find an easier way to invest in cryptocurrency.

Meet Our Team


Steven Buchko

Co-Founder / CEO
Steven became engulfed in the blockchain space as the Executive Editor at CoinCentral (7m+ readers to date). He's also led numerous product releases as the CEO of Agora and Business Analyst at Ultimate Software.
Ryan Riebling

Ryan Riebling

Co-Founder / CTO
Ryan was a founding team member of Twitch Prime, one of the largest driver of Prime memberships at Amazon. As a Senior Software Developer at Twitch, he led multiple project launches, re-architectures, and decommissions.

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